Our Story

Socar Chemical was founded in 1967 by Bill Wampole & his son Garry. Over the next few years, all 4 of the Wampole brothers joined into the family business. 1987, Socar moved to its current location on Rutherford Rd.

Some time after moving to our current location, Glenn Wampole left the company to pursue real estate. The other brothers, Terry, Garry & David have remained a part of the Socar team throughout the years, with Terry Wampole just recently retiring in 2022.

Over the years, Socar has grown to be a trusted local brand for cleaning products, degreasers, automotive detailing supplies, and more!

Our Team

In 2022, Socar Chemical came under new ownership by the Snow family, longtime friends and neighbors of the Wampole brothers.

We are excited for the future of Socar Chemical as we continue to grow, develop new products, and continue serving South Carolina with the highest quality chemicals.