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Deoderants, Odor Eliminator, Pine Cleaner
DEODORANTS: Spray designed to leave a fresh fragrance, refreshes cars and house.
TARGET AREAS: To cover up smells, or just leave a fragrance.
1 Qt. $4.95 …........… 1Gal. Case $9.95 ….… 4 Gal. Case $37.50
ELIMINATOR: State of the art chemical technology gives this pleasant clean fragrance
product the ability to destroy all organically produced odor on contact. By the methods
of wiping out organic decomposition, mold, and mildew odors. Odors are eliminated.
TARGET AREAS: Eliminates organic odors, such as smoke, grease traps, drains,
garbage containers, and pet odors.
1 Gal. $19.95 ….....… 4Gal. Case $77.50 ..…. 5 Gal. $93.75
SANITIZER: Utilizing the latest chemical sterilization technology this product totally kills bacteria on contact. USDS
approved for utensils and hand disinfecting without rinsing, this product kills organically produced odors on contact.
Sanitizer is biodegradable, safe, and effective.
TARGET AREAS: Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food service establishments, and processing plants.
1 Gal. $19.95 ....…… 4Gal. Case $77.50 ….… 5 Gal. $93.75
STAT 12.5: This product is the absolute latest in chemical sterilization and disinfecting. EPA approved as an
HIV-1/HIV-11 “AIDS Virus” killing agent. STAT 12.5 meets hospital cleaning and disinfecting standards as ½ ounce per
gallon of water.
TARGET AREAS: Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, walls, floors, restaurants, and homes.
1 Gal. $19.95 …....… 4Gal. Case $77.50 …..… 5 Gal. $93.75
PINE CLEANER: Contains natural pine oil, which provides a fresh clean fragrance to this heavy-duty all-purpose
TARGET AREAS: All areas and floors.
1 Gal. $7.00 ….....… 4Gal. Case $26.25 ….… 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
We also offer brushes, wax pads, bug sponges, buffing pads, spray bottles, razor blades, mop heads, terry cloth towels, lint
free towels, bonnets, wash mitts, hose nozzles, steel wool and gloves to complement our product line. Please call if you
have any questions, and thank you for using SOCAR Chemicals products.