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55 Gal. Drum Sizes Available:
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402 POWER PLUS: An extra strength all-purpose cleaner,
utilizing and ivory soap scented all-purpose detergent with an
added degreaser booster to provide the extra power needed to
clean tough problems.
TARGET AREAS: Upholstery cleaner, spot cleaner, floors,
woodwork, painted walls, kitchens, appliances, blinds, laundry.
1 Gal. $7.00 ............ 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
WASH N WAX: A neutral pH detergent with emulsifiers that
provide excellent cleaning and rinse ability. Contains pre
Carnauba Wax to repair normal occurring pits and scratches on a paint
surface, extending the life of the paint.
TARGET AREAS: Cars, RVís and boats.
1 Gal. $7.00 ........... 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
FOAMING CAR WASH: Specially formulated for automatic car wash facilities. This concentrate mix is an excellent cleaner,
it has water softing agents and it is a clean rinse.
TARGET AREAS: Cars, RVís and boats.
1 Gal. $7.00 ........... 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
ďPINKYĒ ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER: A high foaming neutral pH detergent with emulsifiers. This product is excellent for
mopping, wipe down, and all general purpose cleaning tasks.
TARGET AREAS: General cleaning painted walls, woodwork, plastic tile, linoleum, appliances, clothes and floors.
1 Gal. $7.00 ........... 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
T.L.C.: Is a Traffic Lane Cleaner that cuts through the oil film and cleans dirt without harming carpet surfaces. Use as a
1 Gal. $7.00 ........... 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
HAND CLEANER: A pleasant smell, safe and effective water based hand cleaner. This product is mile to the skin yet is
capable of removing heavy dirt and grime from the hands.
TARGET AREAS: Cleaning hands.
1 Gal. (Blue) $7.00 .... 4Gal. Case (Blue)$26.25 ..... 5 Gal. Pail (Blue)$31.25
1 Gal. (Pink) $7.00 ..... 4Gal. Case (Pink)$26.25 ..... 5 Gal. Pail (Pink)$31.25
ORANGE PEEL HAND CLEANER: A safe mild biodegradable and heavy-duty hand cleaner made especially for mechanics.
Smells like a fresh orange because we use the highly effective grease cutting oils from oranges.
TARGET AREAS: Mechanics hand washing.
1 Gal. $7.00 ........... 4Gal. Case $26.25 ......... 5 Gal. Pail $31.25
We also offer brushes, wax pads, bug sponges, buffing pads, spray bottles, razor blades, mop heads, terry cloth towels, lint
free towels, bonnets, wash mitts, hose nozzles, steel wool and gloves to complement our product line. Please call if you have
any questions, and thank you for using SOCAR Chemicals products.