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TIRE SHINE: A multi action silicone liquid tire dressing. Shine sinks into the pores to seal off attack from the
environment while layering a super shiny coating to give the ďwet lookĒ shine.
TARGET AREAS: To shine tires and rubber bumpers.
1 Gal. $25.00 ............ 4Gal. Case $97.50 ..... 5 Gal. Pail $118.75
BLUE KNIGHT: A spray on wipe on silicone emulsion that seals, protects, and shines
rubber. This product contains more active silicone protection that the nationally
known brands and dries to the touch so that it will not attract dust.
TARGET AREAS: all vinyl, leather, and rubber.
1 Gal. $25.00 ............ 4Gal. Case $97.50 ..... 5 Gal. Pail $118.75
SEALANT: The protective polish used by NASAís Space Shuttle Program. This easy on and off this product gives a
sparkling, high gloss, crystal clear protection against environmental and chemical attack. Great for automobiles, boats,
RVís and all hard surfaces.
TARGET AREAS: Automobile, RVís, boats, and motorcycles protection sealant.
1 Pint $8.50 ................. Case (16 Pint) $128.00
SPIT SHINE: Used with sealant it is a pure Carnauba Wax that provides the ultimate surface protection for the care of
the long-term investment of an automobile, boat,
TARGET AREAS: Automobile, RVís boats ...... 1 Pint $12.44
REVIVE COMPOUND: This compound is for buffing painted surface, lacquer, enamel, and base coat clear coat.
TARGET AREAS: Automobiles, RVís, boats, and motorcycles
1 Pint $11.00 ............... 1 Gal. $37.50
M31 WAX: Ultimate protection has light compound, which removes oxidation. Wax and compound all in one. Leaves a
brilliant shine.
TARGET AREAS: Automobiles, RVís boats, and motorcycles
1 Pint $11.00 ................1 Gal. $37.50
BUMPER BRITE: Restores the life of faded bumpers
TARGET AREAS: Rubber and vinyl bumpers .....1 Pint $12.50
CLEARVIEW SYSTEM: A system to remove acid rain and clean windshields without buffing.
TARGET AREAS: Cleans acid rain off of automobile windows.
1 Kit $63.00
We also offer brushes, wax pads, bug sponges, buffing pads, spray bottles, razor blades, mop heads, terry cloth towels,
lint free towels, bonnets, wash mitts, hose nozzles, steel wool and gloves to complement our product line. Please call if
you have any questions, and thank you for using SOCAR Chemicals products.